To obtain a certificate for completion of the Option B+ elearning course, please go to the East, Central and Southern Africa Colleges of Nursing (ECSACON) website: Users who complete the post-test and score above 80% will receive a certificate for six hours of continuing professional development credit from ECSACON. For problems related to the online environment please contact For questions or requests to join the elearning platform as a participating country/school please contact To create an account visit To log in enter your user name and password here If you provided a valid email address when you registered you can request password change at any time. Visit After you log in you will see your dashboard. You will see tabs for the Option B+ Course, Groups and Profile. The Dashboard is the place where you will return to see your progress in the course, join groups (i.e. classes) and see and edit your profile.

On the Option B+ Tab you will see a blue button that says "Begin the Course." When you click this button you will go to the first page of the course.

After you've first visited the course, you can return to this tab to see your scores and progress through the course.

A group is a class at a university or a training course. If you are a faculty you may create a group. If you are a student you may join a group. You may have been told to find and join your Option B+ class. This means that your instructor has created a group at your university or organization for you to join. Once you've joined your group, your instructor will have access to your scores and progress through the system.

Click "find a group" choice, choose your country, choose your school or institution, choose the group

If you don't see your group, this means that your instructor hasn't created one yet and you will need to try again later.

On the Profile Tab you will see the information you entered when you registered. You can edit your name, password, and country affiliation. If you are faculty, you can request faculty access here.

Once you've entered the course, you will see the first page of the course or where you left off.

You will see the an icon shaped like a book on the upper left. This is the table of contents. Click the book to open the table of contents.

At the bottom of the page is a "next" button. Use this button to move forward to the next page.

The Option B+ Course contains a pre and post text, informational slides, short case studies with questions and interactive activities. You must complete one page before moving onto the next. You can go back at any time. You can use the table of contents to go back to a specific page you've visited before.

To see your student's scores you must create a group and then your students must join it. To create a group:

  • go to your groups tab
  • click "create group"
  • your country and institution are already selected for you
  • set the beginning and ending dates for your course.
  • click "create group"
  • Now that you've created a group, it is your students' responsibility to find and join this group.

You can view information about your groups the scores your students received on the pre and post tests and view their progress through the Option B+ Course.

Go to your groups tab. Next to the name of each group is a button labeled 'details' Click Details

Now you can see some information about your group, including number of members, and how far each student in the group has progressed through the course.